Coaching & Mentoring

“Incisive questions increase the functional intelligence of human beings.”  Nancy Kline

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Coaching & Mentoring!

Jane’s skills transfer well from education to any other profession or industry, effectively supporting both teams and individuals through different challenges and stages of personal and professional life.

Jane has many years of experience coaching and mentoring colleagues, teams, and leaders in the education field as a headteacher, advisory head and education consultant.  She empowers individuals and teams to become reflective, mindful of their strengths and areas for development, and to take responsibility for effecting positive change.

The coaching model Jane uses is based on the GROW model, employing active, non-judgemental listening and questioning strategies.  Through a supportive and in-depth process, she encourages organisations, teams and individuals to become more accountable for their actions and to develop a more thinking and thereby more productive environment.

Jane facilitates confidential discussions, challenges coachees on their goals and current realities, and nurtures sustained focus on identified development areas, supporting commitment to action.

Through coaching and mentoring, she believes that leadership journeys are transformed and personal lives are enriched.

Coaching is about positive and lasting change! 

Coaching unlocks potential and grows people.  The coaching experience enables sustained and rewarding changes in ourselves and consequently in others around us.


Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers.

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These six, 2-hour sessions include:

  • Six coaching skills’ training sessions, from an introduction to coaching, through to questioning, listening, providing support and challenge, and how to coach teams.
  • An insight into a range of core leadership coaching models and approaches.
  • Supported practical sessions introducing coaching triads.
  • Gap tasks, and additional reading material; focusing on the theory of coaching (optional).
  • Practical and proven ways to coach: individuals, self, and teams.
  • A coaching pack, with resources, guidance, templates, hints and tips to get you started and develop you as a practical and effective Leadership Coach within your organisation.
  • This course is for a minimum of six people – leaders and/or managers –
  • Further coaching follow-up sessions available as needed to ensure sustained effectiveness.
  • Workplace training sessions.
  • External venues can be arranged at an additional cost.

For more information on any of the above events and services, please contact Jane at Midwinter Consultancy