Leadership Development Programme

photo of people doing handshakes

The outcomes of our Leadership Development Programme include:

  • knowledge and understanding of the core skills required for effective leadership;
  • knowledge, understanding and confidence in your own leadership style;
  • knowledge of how to better understand the people you work with, creating an awareness of different personality traits;
  • an understanding of the importance of communication and how and when to use radical candour with your team;
  • knowing when to invest time and energy in others and when it’s time to pull back to preserve your own well-being;
  • a toolkit of resources to value and support wellbeing and mental health for sustainable leadership;
  • an introduction to coaching skills, to promote action, provide support & challenge and develop a self-coaching approach.

Great leadership is fundamental to a more efficient, effective, happier and more competent workforce, with increased productivity.

Start the year as you mean to go on and make 2022-2023 the year of visionary and dynamic change, work-life balance and ultimately – sustainable personal well-being and leadership success!

Contact us now to discuss your Leadership Development Programme and start 2022 with renewed confidence!