Talks and Events

A leadership trainer, coach and educationist, Jane is available for the public sector: schools and academies, corporate, conference and charity speaking engagements, speaking on a range of education topics.  She is keen to support education establishments, business networks, wellbeing and community groups.

Her expertise in education, behaviour management, and leadership, along with her passion for promoting inclusion and diversity, leave audiences and clients energised, and empowered.

Jane talks on the following topics:

Celebrating Diversity

Drawing on her own experiences and career, Jane offers suggestions on how to lead the way on cultural education, building on the achievements already made or starting at the beginning. Her aim is to work with leaders and their teams, supporting children and their families to embrace inclusion and diversity, thereby deepening understanding and tolerance.

Survive and Thrive at Menopause

Jane, founder of HWAM presents a short introductory talk, or a more in-depth interactive presentation as follows:

The introductory talk of 20-minutes raises positive awareness about menopause; including the terminology, phases and the science behind it.  It also gives brief, relevant and helpful information for women, aiming to improve confidence and self-fulfillment, and enabling informed choices. This is ideal as an introduction to, or part of, a well-being programme.

The interactive presentation of up to 2 hours covers the above points in greater depth and includes reflective exercises, providing top tips and developing strategies for women at menopause.

Champions of Leadership

Creating greater awareness and confidence in leadership, visiting the models, strategies, and behaviours that motivate and sustain great leaders, with leadership hints and tips to leave you informed and inspired.

Coaching Skills for Life – Reflect, Listen, Think, Act!

An interactive session to learn basic coaching skills for yourself and those around you, including a self-reflective and personally revealing ‘Wheel of Life’ session!

Restorative Practice – Techniques to calm a Situation at work or at home.

A toolkit of strategies for restoring calm to any situation, whether at home or at work; through identifying the Parent, Adult and Child (PAC model) within each of us and inviting a win-win response in our relationships with others.

Interactive session: Learn the basis of Transactional Analysis, the awareness of the Parent/Adult/Child within us all, and learn how to be in the right mode for win-win situations.

Contact Jane here for more information, an informal chat or to making a booking.


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