“What a fantastic experience. I met with Jane because I wanted to explore how I was feeling about my job, my future career and how my home life fitted in with both of these things.  At the beginning of the meeting we agreed the aims of the session.  Jane helped me to evaluate and prioritise what is really important to me as I enter the next stage of my professional life. She asked the right questions, and gave me the space and guidance to focus my mind and arrive at my own answers. By the end of our time together I had a clear set of actions to help me to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Jane to any professional, in any industry who needs clarity on what they really want from their career and needs a push in the right direction to achieve it.”

Amanda Sayer – NHS Business Partner

“I had an amazing coaching session with Jane. She supported me in having greater clarity of thought and gave me confidence in moving forward. She asked the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. Jane’s style and method are very effective, helping me to focus on my goals. I look forward to our next conversation.”
Emma, Headteacher


“Midwinter Education Consultancy has enabled my son to focus, recognise his potential and his options.  Jane Midwinter used a framework of setting Goals, Reality, Options and Will. This process boosted my son’s confidence and motivation to either apply for a university, or take a gap year.”

– Former Parent, 2017


“I feel privileged to have worked with you, Jane. The coaching you have provided has enabled me to develop my own professional leadership skills, while also working collaboratively towards whole school improvement. Your experience, guidance and coaching approach has been refreshing and motivating, during an otherwise challenging term. You have been a welcome asset who has made significant changes and positive impacts to me as an individual and to our school. It has been a pleasure to work with you, learn from you, and you have provided inspiration. Thank you for all your support, encouragement and for enabling me to further develop as a leader, it has been great to have such a role model to look up to, too!”

A. Neale, Phase Leader, Downsbrook Primary School, December 2016


“As interim headteachers, you lead the school well. You focus on the most important matters and ensure that any gaps or deficiencies in what the school does are quickly addressed. You have minimised negative impacts of staff turnover by carefully planning ahead and making expectations clear. In doing this, you have gained the active support of staff and parents.”

Ofsted – Short Inspection Nutley CoE Primary, June 2016

(During Role as Advisory Headteacher, East Sussex)


“The executive headteacher has quickly gained the confidence and trust of staff and pupils … The executive headteacher has made a positive start and has ensured that all the actions scheduled for this term have been completed on time.  She has reviewed many of the school’s systems and policies and has made changes that are already starting to have an impact on pupil’s learning … Changes have also been introduced to improve the quality of teaching.  New policies for the remuneration and appraisal of staff have been agreed and job descriptions have been reviewed. Teachers have also been given opportunities to visit local schools to observe good and outstanding practitioners at work.”

Ofsted – Special Measures First Monitoring Inspection of White House Primary School, October 2013

(During Secondment as Executive Headteacher, East Sussex)


“Leaders and governors have secured significant improvements in the quality of teaching since the previous inspection. As a result, pupils make much faster progress in reading, writing and mathematics.

The school’s well-established links with other schools in the locality have helped to improve the quality of teaching and to strengthen leadership. Teachers and leaders share expertise, ideas and resources and this has made a valuable contribution to improved teaching.”

Ofsted – “Good” – Parkland Infant School, December 2015 (Previous inspection: Requires improvement)

(During Role as Advisory Executive Headteacher, East Sussex)